Easter Games Ideas For Kids, Easter Egg Hunt and Many More

Easter will be arriving soon and soon most of you will be busy in making arrangements for Easter baskets and Easter parties. In case you are planning for Easter party for Kids, it is very important to have interesting as well as fun games so that they are entertained along with receiving usual Easter goodies like sugar candies and chocolates. So we have brought you a few Easter ideas for kids that you can include in your Easter party to make it a lot more fun and happening.

Easter Games which adults and kids can play together

Easter Games Ideas 2020
Easter Games Ideas 2020

Guess the Eggs

It is one of the easiest and interesting games that kids like to play. In this game, you require a jar or a basket filled with various size of chocolate or boiled decorated eggs, a piece of paper and a pencil for each kid and an Easter basket. Now after each kid has received a pencil and paper, ask them to guess the number of eggs present inside the jar or bucket and write it down on the paper. The kid who guesses the correct number of eggs or who is closest to the number of eggs in the jar wins and receives a prize. This one is the best idea from all other mentioned Easter ideas for kids as well you can also check out Easter crafts for kids to be tried on this Easter.

Who am I?

This is really a very fun game and undoubtedly, the kids are going to have a great time playing it. Although, the game is for kids who are more than 7 years old as it requires a bit of guessing and use of mind. In this game, you need paper cuttings of a lot of animals to pin one cutting on the back of each kid that arrives, without showing it to him or her. During the party, the kids have to ask each other simple yes or no questions in order to guess the animal which is pinned on his or her back. The first ten children who guess their animals correct get the prize.

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Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter party is ever complete without the old and famous Easter Egg Hunt game. The game is really very easy. You need to make a lot of chocolate eggs of various sizes which you should hide at multiple spots in your garden or house. Now the kids are allotted a specific time in which they have to collect as many eggs they could. In the end, the kid with the most number of eggs wins. We have also shared Easter Egg Hunt Ideas in our previous post check them out too.

Egg and Spoon Race

For this game, you need a spoon and chocolate or hard boiled egg for each participant kid. You could also use Easter eggs instead of hard boiled eggs. Now give each kid a spoon to hold and an egg to balance upon it. Make the kids stand at the starting line and they need to reach the finish line without letting the eggs fall from the spoon. The kid who crosses the finish line first wins.

So these were few Easter ideas for Kids that you could include in your Happy Easter 2020 party to make it more fun for the kids. Apart from this you could also plan a trip with you and your friend’s kids to spend special time with them and play Easter games on the trip. You are always welcome to come and share your Easter ideas for kids with us and we will be adding in our post.

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