Easter Egg hunt Ideas for Adults & Easter Egg games to play in 2020

We could see Easter approaching right at the corner and one thing that we all love the most on Easter is Egg Hunt. For those who don’t know about it, Easter Egg Hunt includes beautiful games, including a lot of decorated eggs that are either filled or made up of chocolate candies. These eggs are of various sizes and are used in playing a lot of games in which the winner takes away the prize after the hunt is over. There are a lot of games you can play using these Eggs and if you do not know much, we are here to give you some Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, which you can try out this Easter 2020 Images.

Easter Egg hunt near me 2020

Easter Egg hunt Ideas
Easter Egg hunt Ideas

The Egg Cellent Hunt

This is one of the most played Easter Egg game in which the players are given a list of various items that they are required to hunt down. You can select these items by yourself and which could act as another clue for the next item. Now allot the participants specific time to search the items and to reach the final clue, which is going to take them to the Easter basket. Make sure you place the items in places where they are tough to find and for children who cannot read, you can make use of pictures instead of written clues. We also shared some of the best Easter Basket Ideas and you can try both of these ideas to bring together and make something very unique.

String Fling

This is a very simple game in which you need twine or yarn in order to create a web in the whole house or maybe just in the room where you are going to play the games. The aim of the game is to find your Easter Basket by following the thread from the starting point, following it around the furniture, in doorways and then finally reaching the Easter Basket. But you must take care that the thread does not interrupt you in your normal functioning and you can access all the parts of the house quickly.

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The Treasure Map

The game is like a treasure hunt where the kids need to find their Easter Baskets based upon a map filled with clues and riddle that is given to them. For this, you need to create a plan on one side of the paper and on the other hand, you should write clues for reaching the hiding spot. You can also cut the maps into pieces and hide it and then provides clues to find the map pieces which are going to take them to the Easter Basket. It would help if you were careful and should count the number of pieces you are hiding so that the children can assemble it when they have found all of them without missing any.

Easter Egg Hunt

If you are going to have the Easter party anywhere in the open, you can hide the Easter eggs somewhere under the sand, soil, trees, bushes, etc. for kids or friends to find. The person who collects the maximum number of eggs is rewarded with a prize. This one is my favorite Easter egg hunt ideas from all of the mentioned above.

So these were few Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for 2020 that will help you to spend quality time with your family, friends and kids and will make your Easter a lot more exciting and happening. You can also share your Easter Egg Hunt Ideas with us and we will be adding them in our post.

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