15* Simple Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids (2020)

Welcome to today’s post in which we are going to share Easter crafts for kids and these crafts are so easy that even any children above 5 years can make it on this Easter 2020. We have some perfect ideas to make crafts for Easter using Easter eggs and to use other decorating items. You can also use your creativity in it to make these crafts more beautiful and force people to say wow.!!

So, without wasting any more time, let’s come to the point. We are going to share 15 ideas for Easter crafts for kids which your children gonna love and they can’t stop by making just one, they will be eager to make all of them, so let’s start.

Easter crafts for preschoolers

Easter crafts for kids 2020
Easter crafts for kids 2020

1. Baby Sock Egg Cozy

To make this one, You have to take one baby sock and some bit’s and pieces and with all these, you are having a most beautiful baby sock egg cosy.

2. Knitted Egg Cozies

You can also go with these elegant Knitted Egg Cozies they are simple to make and we are sure that it will be loved by your parents.

3. Egg Candles

This is my favorite you can make your own candles that too in egg shape and it can be more of an attraction to your house.

4. Easter cones

They are also delicious you can make Easter cones and serve with ice cream to the guest who is visiting your home on this April 20’2020.

5. Easter lamb Basket

They are perfect from decorating your house as they can be the center of attraction in your drawing room.

6. Paint Chip Garland

You can make these colorful chips to decorate the walls of your kid’s bedrooms. These colors will make fall everyone in love with them whenever they see it.

7. Yarn Eggs Decoration

Yet another simple but effective Easter craft for kids to build on this Easter 2020 you can use them to hang in the outer area of your house to share your happiness with others.

8. Easter Wreath

This cute little Easter wreath will be surely loved by your kids as they are so cute that everybody loves a theme.


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9. Woolly Lamb Handspring Garland

Why not try this Easter making Woolly Lamb Handspring Garland it is also an easy craft to be built by kids but though it is suggested to be done in the guidance of parents.

10. Bunny Garland

You can use these cute bunny’s to decorate your house and we will not be surprised if everybody asks, your children how they make it?

11. Recycled Easter Basket

I am one who always loves to bring something from waste and I love to do it and this time also I was able to make a beautiful full decorated basket which was made old form bottles. You can also inspire your kids to make something like and bring something best out of waste.

12. Keepsake Chick Card

You can also make these chick cards for inviting guests on this Easter 2020 to your house and they will be thanking you for such a cute and straightforward invitation card.

13. Egg Cartoon Chick

This is we call a perfect craft for Easter to be made by your children. They can make it by only using the egg carton and converting it into chick shape using some decorating pieces and after it can be used to decorate your house or you can also take them to your school to showcase your work.

14. Bunny Pom Pom

Bored of making crafts related to Easter egg or chicks, then these super cute bunny’s are perfect for your kids. they can be loved by anyone who is visiting your house and they are also perfect for bringing a change.

15. Make your own chalk

This is an excellent idea to gift your teacher color full chalk which is being made by you and we are sure that your teacher will be not using it to teach as they will use to have it for a lifetime.

We hope that you have loved these awesome 15 Easter crafts for kids and yes these are easy to make and it can be completed within 2 hours. You can also try all of them to decorate your work or use them as small gifts if you are inviting someone to your house. Easter 2020 is coming and we hope that this Easter goes very well for you and you get a lot of surprises.

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